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We can capture your BRAND from the simple headshots to the complex portraits. This is done at a competitive, affordable rate. We create artistic, well crafted professional headshots and portraits designed specifically to your needs. 

Specialties include: Industry standard Actor Headshots; Corporate Portraits; Corporate Headshots; Personal Branding Portraits, and more.

The Team Shots

Any business that has team working toward its vision should invest in showing off those that help drive the companies success 

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Business Team

Video is your new work bestie.

Do I really need videos in my business?


Well consider this

89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI. 83% of video marketers say video helps them with lead generation. 87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website. 80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales.

Still not sure, book a call to discover the power video can bring to your business.

Talk To Us and See How We Can Support Your Business with Video Content

We cover a range of video services for you to show up to your ideal clients.

  • Vlogs (video blogs)

  • Video interviews

  • Tutorial videos

  • Videos of presentations

  • Product demos and reviews

  • Video testimonials

  • Brand messaging

  • Business intro

  • Video ads 

  • Behind the scenes

  • Product Launch

Our pricing guide - this is a guide only, video work is a complex service and one size does not fit all.


Daily rate 

Affordable Video

Industry Level Video

Luxury High Earners Video

£125 - £150

£300 - £700

£1500 - £5000


£25 - 50 per video

 Editing included


You can send us a pre-recorded video, we will edit it. Or choose from our different range of infomercials or have a bespoke informercial  created to fit your brand.

One or two camera angles, in-studio or on location. Time of filming and post-production will determine exact prices (filming usually completed in one day) typical shot at your location or in our home studio

(some affordable studio hire maybe required)

 Editing included

For large complex filming projects, multiple videographers, actors, extras props on location several days filming.

Pricing for video does vary from project/job to project/job. It can depend on your budget and what message you're trying to get across to your desired target audience.

See example 

Lisa is launching her make-up line in six months. She has been in business for four years now with a healthy turnover. Still not make the profit margins she would like but want her audience to see more of her range that can compete with the bigger brand. She wants an advert for her social media channels with the option to create a longer version for her YouTube and Facebook channels. She has given us a £3000 budget to create two adverts


Requirement needed:

Models Fee  £100 - £350-day rate

Location Fee  - £150 - £3000-day rate

Prop Hire - £100 - £1500

Travel - Manchester 

Lisa fits our Luxury Hire Earner model.

We have a Flexible retainer program that allows you to budget monthly videos that work with your social and marketing strategy.

£200 month 

1 info-mercial 

2 pre-recorded videos, additional videos is £30 each 

Min programme requirement is 3 months


£500 Month

2 info-mercial

4 pre-recorded videos, additional videos is £30 each 


Speak to us about these programs