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Capturing Moments, Creating Memories: Event Photography at Its Finest

Welcome to our world of captivating event photography, where every click of the shutter brings life to your events. Whether it's a corporate gala, birthday celebration, or any special occasion, we are dedicated to turning fleeting instants into everlasting memories.

Abstract Lights



Per Hour

Suitable clients that only want to capture specific times of the event.​


Half Day

Our half day package covers your event for 4 hours.


Full Day

Our full day package covers your event for 6 hours​.


On request

We also do personal plans if our fixed package do not suit your needs.

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Event Videography
Starts from £300 

Unveiling Moments in Motion: Elevate Your Event with Our Videography where every frame tells a story, and every scene unfolds a memory.

We are your dedicated event videography team, committed to capturing the essence of your special occasions through the art of motion pictures.

The Booth

Nevaeh's Picture Box

The ultimate guest experience that will ensure your event will be talked about long after the day.

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